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The free mobile app for freshers' week.

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Planspace helps universities give students and easy and stress-free start at uni. 

The app lets faculties, unions, halls and societies easily plan out events and students then follow relevant groups to create a personalised itinerary with all the information they need.

1. Plan


Faculties, unions and societies plan out events by location and time, complete with all information and relevant links. Making plans is as simple as putting events in your calendar.

2. Follow


Students follow relevant groups to receive a personalised itinerary of  events, locations, updates, messages and information.

3. Live


Organisers can update information, add new events and send messages at any time, notifying students direct to their phones.  

Download free for Android and iOS!

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Plan of action:

1. Contact us directly for discussion and onboarding.

2. Sign-up faculties and societies and create groups.

3. Faculties and societies enter plans and events.

4. Share group access codes with students in advance of the start of term.