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Respect for your privacy is core to our values. We take our obligations in this area seriously and have built our services with your privacy and security at the forefront of our thinking.

The Services make use of APIs provided by Google and by extension, users of the Services

are bound by Google's Privacy Policy.

Information collected by Lark App Ltd:

In order to operate, provide, understand, support and improve the Services, namely Planspace, Lark App Ltd must collect and upload to our servers certain data, including when you install, access and use the Services.

Information you provide voluntarily, in accordance with applicable laws:

1.      User information: your mobile phone number, area code, username, optional profile picture, the contacts in your address book (if contacts access is consented to by you) and your current location (if location services are consented to by you).

2.      Event information: event name, event start and end date and time, exact event location, event link and description, event invitees and event chat posts.

3.      Group information: group name, group members.

4.      Feedback and customer support information: contact details, information held within a feedback message.

Automatically collected information, in accordance with applicable laws:

1.      Device and connection information, e.g. unique user device ID associated with the application.

2.      Usage and log information: anonymised user activity (the time, duration and frequency of and interaction within your usage), log files, and diagnostic, performance and crash logs and reports.

3.      If consented to, location information: exact user location – user location may be determined by use of IP, GPS, Bluetooth and information about nearby transmission points (Wi-Fi, beacons and cell towers).

4.      Lark App Ltd does not currently use cookies and will update this Privacy Policy if we decide to start.

How we use information:

1.      Our Services: we use your voluntarily provided and automatically collected information for the operation and provision of the Services, including improving and fixing the Services.

2.      Safety and security: we use your voluntarily supplied information to verify accounts, and to investigate violations of the Terms of Service.

3.      Communications about our Services: we may use your voluntarily supplied information to communicate with you about our Terms of Service, promotions, features and updates.

4.      Third-party organisations: we will not share any information with any third-party organisation.


Information you and we share with other users:

Your event information:

1.      Should you choose to invite contacts to an event, these contacts and no other users of the Services will receive the: event name, event start and end date and time, exact event location, event link and description, event invitees and their attendance status and event chat, and no other information.

2.      Should you be invited to an event created by another user of the Services, that user and any other invitee to the same event (whether one of your contacts or not), will be able to view: the fact of your having been invited to the event, your name and profile picture, your attendance status, any chat posts and no other information.

Your location information:

Unless you actively choose to share your location information, it will never be visible to any other user of the Services.

Your account information:

With the exception of your name and profile picture, no account information of yours will be viewable to any other user of the Services.

Your contact and address book information:

The name and profile picture of contacts you invite to events will be shared with other invitees to the same event, otherwise none of your contact or address book information will be shared with any other user of the Services.


General Data Protection Regulation compliance:

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation, we are the data controller.

Our legal basis for processing your information as described above:

1.      so as to fulfil our Terms of Service;

2.      consistent with your consent which may be revoked at any time;

3.      as necessary to fulfil our legal obligations;

4.      occasionally to protect your vital interests;

5.      as necessary in the public interest;

6.      as necessary for the provision of relevant, safe and profitable Services.

How you may exercise your rights:

1.      You have the right to access, edit and erase your user, event and group information at any time – you can access tools to achieve this in-app, as described below.

2.      You have the right to object to our using of your information for direct marketing.

3.      You have the right to object to our using of your information in the public interest, unless required for legal reasons.

4.      You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time for our usage of your location services, or for access to your calendar and contacts.

5.      Should we use your information for promotions of Lark App Ltd products, updates or other promotions, you have the right to object and unsubscribe.


Managing and deleting your information:

We store your information until it is no longer needed for the provision of our Services, or until you delete the information or your account, whichever comes first.

User information:

1.      User information is retained by us until such time as you delete your account. If you edit your user information, any previous user information is not retained.

2.      If your account is inactive for a year or more, we reserve the right to delete your account and all associated user information.

3.      User information may be edited at any time using Settings > User Details, Settings > Change Password, and Settings > Profile Picture.

4.      Your account and all associated information may be deleted permanently at any time using Settings > User Details.

Event information:

1.      All event information is permanently deleted from the Services no later than 24 hours after the event end time.

2.      Event information may be permanently deleted by the event creator at any time.

3.      Event information may be edited by the event creator at any time up to or during the event.  Any previous event information is not retained.


Law and Protection:

Following the issue of an appropriate warrant, we may share your information with the relevant authorities if reasonably necessary for the purposes of: aiding legal process; enforcing our Terms of Service; detecting, investigating and preventing fraud and other illegal activity; protecting the rights and safety of other users of the Services and Lark App Ltd itself; to prevent death or imminent harm.



You have the right to remove the consents described in the Terms of Service and can do so by following Settings > User Details or through your phone settings.


Updates to the Privacy Policy:

Should any changes be made to this policy you will be notified and have the opportunity to choose whether or not you continue using the Services.


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