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Ok, so here’s what we’re about… We are passionate about London: its people and cultures. Our mission is to make it easier for Londoners to find the best of art, music, culture, nights, food & drink, campaigns, talks and loads more that make London the best place to live.


As we continue to emerge from the dystopia of lockdown, so many great places are already innovating and adapting. And we want to tell you about it. Our platform lets organisers create beautiful listings for events and places to go and Londoners can easily search and discover what’s happening. Think Time Out but with a mixture of editorial and creator-generated content. And more dynamic and ever-improving tech.


Our Planspace mobile app, launching very soon, is the first events app that lets you swipe away the events you're not interested in and keep those you are. Plus your feed will be specifically curated based on your interests. Unless you like corporate networking events in which case you are very much in the wrong place...


Our focus will be on promoting and celebrating London's wonderful array of arts, culture, nights, music, food and more at independent venues. Consider us, if you will, like Resident Advisor but broader. Or Eventbrite but curated. The space to plan, organise, promote, discover, save and share plans and events.


We will proudly promote protests and campaigns. Anything that advances equality, social justice and charitable and environmental causes will be welcomed with open arms and we’ll do our best to provide as much visibility as possible. More broadly, our platform is completely and unashamedly inclusive, and looks to celebrate places and events organised and attended by people of all races, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

We're very excited to help organisers get the word out and help Londoners have fun again.


Any thoughts, give me a shout at We’d love to hear from you. And for now, here’s a search bar. Find something to do :)

Much love.

Luke Arnold




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